Marrakesh – greetings from the ‘dark continent’

greetings from marrakesh!  I arrived safely a few hours ago.  thank god that i arranged to have my riad (morrocan guesthouse) pick me up from the airport!  this city is a maze and i would never have found my way in by myself.  the riad where i’m staying is really nice and the owner himself showed me around and gave me some advice about the city. ti’s about midnight over here and the city is just getting started. 

they have an amazing open air mkt which i’ve wlked around and food is of course super cheap.  ok i’m going to sign off now because the keyboard iùm using at this cybercafe is way diff than most keyboards and it’s taken me 10 minutes to compose this little email.  i’ll write more later.  i hope this finds you all well.

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