Jul 032012
YES, those Pirates

… Or Reclaiming a Lost Pirates Generation

When I was growing up, in a time so long ago that Barry Bonds was sometimes overshadowed by Bobby Bonilla and the name Francisco Cabrera didn’t yet induce cringes, we played stickball in the summers. Oh sure, we also played football and street hockey but the fact is that baseball existed here in southwestern PA.

Over the past 19 years, as the Pirates have gone from the franchise that invented the World Series, the only franchise to win the World Series on a Game 7 walk-off to perennial laughingstock, an entire generation of Pittsburghers have been robbed of meaningful sports summers. Some turned to other baseball teams – the Yankees most notably, I’m sure – while others just re-focused their time on the NFL’s hot stove ligg. The childrens I have observed started playing football or street hockey at all times of the year.

But an amazing thing happened this past weekend. The kids decided to played baseballs! Well, whiffleball actually, but the sheer fact they wanted to play ball bowled me over. Some of them didn’t even know all the rules (such as a runner on first base is forced to advance on the hit… the kid was like 8 years old, ok). And of course as is often the case with juveniles (and those who still act like juveniles), the game became quite heated and much shouting over stupid sh*t occurred.

It’s good to have baseball back (fingers crosst).

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