Jan 112013

… Or Yes, We Like to Get Ahead of Ourselves at Pitt

Ok, so the ACC released their schedules for the 2013 and coupled with a scheduled home game against Notre Dame, there is awesomeness all around for Pitt fans:

Home Away
Villanova at Navy
New Mexico at Duke
Notre Dame at Georgia Tech
Florida State at Syracuse
Miami at Virginia Tech

But since I’m a Pitt fan and we forever live in the land of hope and tomorrow. Here’s a projection of Pitt’s home schedules in the next couple years afterwards:

Home Away
Delaware at Notre Dame
Iowa at FSU
Akron at Miami
Duke at UNC
Georgia Tech at UVA
Virginia Tech

There is currently a scheduled away game at FIU but I expect that to be bought out. It’s not as exciting as 2013 but home games vs Iowa, GT and Virginia Tech are very solid.

Onward brave denizens!

Home Away
Notre Dame at Akron
Miami at Iowa
UNC at Duke
UVA at Georgia Tech
home vs ACC cross division at Syracuse
Open at Virginia Tech

No telling what the cross-division game will be. As it stands, I probably expect the Akron game to be bought out or moved to a home game so we have a home MACrifice. Then the Open date shown would be a BCS level opponent similar to Iowa or Navy. Without having looked at their schedule, the Open Date could be WVU since ND would fulfill Steve Pederson’s wish to have a National opponent.

And the one that’s sure to give me a heart attack:

Home Away
Duke at Notre Dame
Georgia Tech at Miami
Syracuse at UNC
Virginia Tech at UVA
Pennstate away vs
ACC cross division
Open Date Open Date

I listed an Away and Home Open Date just for balance’s sake. It’s entirely likely that Pederson will schedule two home games, both against subpar teams (MACrifice and FCS). With ND away and PSU at home, it’s unlikely that Pederson would try to WVU since PSU already fulfills the regional and BCS level opponent in one. Pederson would probably have tried to get the 2015 BCS-level home-and-away in non-consecutive years so as to avoid three BCS-level non-conference opponents in one year.

Past 2016, there’s three more years of Pennstate games and a home game vs Delaware in 2019. But I’m probably going to get stabbed by a Pennstater (maybe even my own kin, Munia!) in 2016 (if not sooner) so I’llĀ  stop here.


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Sources: Cardiac Hill – Pitt’s 2013 opponents, FBschedules.com

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