Jun 022013

One of the things I love about sports is comparing teams across disciplines. Who are the Dallas Cowboys of the NBA, the the Pittsburgh Pirates of the NHL, the Boston Red Stockings of the MLS. MLS? Oh wait, nevermind that.

Let’s do a comparison of notable English futbol clubs to American sports teams.

Liverpool -> Los Angeles Dodgers. Recent ownership troubles. Massive commercial potential only recently being tapped. Beloved in their communities. Long history of success but not exactly recently.

Manchester United -> New York Yankees. The most loved and most hated clubs in their sports (if not the world). Brash. Hyper successful. Holier than Thou. Huge spenders. Even larger bandwagon followings.

Chelsea -> New England Patriots. A bit of a johnny come lately for both clubs in terms of success. New owners who transformed their clubs. In their most successful, Chelsea’s Mourinho could equate to the Patriots’ Bill Bellichick.

Arsenal -> St. Louis Cardinals. Great history and tradition. Strong fanbase. Popular, well-run but not the flashiest of sides.

Manchester City -> Anaheim Angels. Long living in the shadow of a bigger brother. But now emerging with their own rich ownership, earning potential and stars. Recent won titles. Underrated fanbase.

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