Jul 262013

I was reading a Paul Krugman analysis comparing the Detroit bankruptcy to the struggles of Pittsburgh in the 1980’s and 1990’s. As far as that goes, it was pretty simplistic. There are way too many causes for Detroit’s Chapter 9 to detail in a short post like Krugman’s. The comments take him to task for shallow analysis and as someone who has spent many hours defending my hometown, I get the sensitivity of Detroiters regarding their city’s dire situation.

However, I couldn’t let this comment pass. Arbitrot writes:

I don’t want to be testy, but as a native Detroiter I’d like us all to focus a bit here.
The Tigers currently leads the toughest division in the Majors by a game and a half, while the Pirates are two games back in the League’sd wussiest division — and dropping.
I mean, the Cardinals leading the division, without Albert Pujols? What’s that all about?

Wussiest? The NL Central has produced two World Series winners in the past decade. The AL Central is 1-2, with one of those losses being the Cardinals over the Tigers. As far as dropping – both the Pirates and Tigers are 6-4 in their last 10 games.

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