Futureproofing Against Tech Extinctions

Futureproofing Against Tech Extinctions

In a New York Times article yesterday, Farhad Manjoo wrote about how to survive the next tech extinction.  VHS vs Betamax. HD DVD vs Blu-Ray. Netscape vs Internet Explorer. Nook vs Kindle, as cited by Manjoo. We’ve seen them come and go. So, how do we not get caught out in the rain?

Here’s the list of his recommendations.

  1. Buy Apple’s hardware
  2. Use Google’s services
  3. Buy media from Amazon
  4. Bet on connectors

Manjoo focuses on a combination of good hardware, cloud services and interoperability. Interoperability and portability are really the biggest keys here. Take a service or app and use it across device types in order not to be left out in the cold in case of the tech apocalypse. (Now if the nanomites decide to shut everything down, we’re all out of luck anyway).

Apocalypse Ahead

Buy Apple Hardware

I’m not a huge fan of Manjoo’s blanket hardware choice of Apple. I prefer Windows-run machines for laptop or desktop but I don’t mind iOS for tablet. And iPhone ain’t too shabby either but I like Android and it’s not as far behind iOS as Manjoo posits. It’s not that he chooses Apple but more so that he chooses only Apple hardware/operating systems, ignoring anything that runs Windows, Android or Linux. Regardless, hardware is possibly the least important choice.

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