Feb 132014

Or… Justifying Wednesday Night RAW

It’s probably an understatement how raw I feel at the moment. Here’s the reason. Don’t make me talk about it. In fact, I think this tweet perfectly encapsulates how most people should deal with me after a close loss:

This next tweet doesn’t describe how I feel after every loss but it most certainly applies tonight. Yes it does, yes it does, yes it does.

Anyway, I know I take sports pretty seriously. It opens me up to feeling really horrible at times. It also affords me ridiculous feelings of elation and euphoria. I’ve said that I do consider myself a pretty lucky fan overall so I’m not lamenting my current position. Too much.

Those who understand will, even if they’re on the opposite side, at least have some sympathy. However, some folks won’t/don’t/can’t understand how or why sports can bring a person so low. The best they can do is give a jagoff like me a wide berth when I’m pissed off. But they do so shaking their heads. I don’t think it’s lack of empathy. Perhaps, lack of imagination. In a way, I pity them.

Sports, competition, whether played or experienced as a fan has a way of allowing its adherents to experience the fullest range of emotions. Thrill of victory, agony of defeat and all that. To allow oneself to be opened up so deeply that in that moment of agony, the world is dark and hope just does not exist. And to be given such joy that in that moment, there is no sorrow. ’tis a consummation devoutly to be wish’d.

If you’re not a sports fan, so be it. But what’s the alternative? What accords you such pain and such joy in consecutive moments? Crafting, scrapbooking, woodworking, playing an instrument, slam poetry? Go for it. It is a unique privilege, I think, to pour yourself into something that so affects you emotionally but perhaps not materially. Trivial pursuits, so to speak.

If your passions are only to be found in your career, that’s unfortunate. Passion in one’s career, one’s love or family life is undoubtedly important. But it’s good to have both, passion in one’s career and some passion in something outside work. For even though sports fans may be laid bare by the most scintillating of defeats, they still get to walk it off. I still get to go home to my dog.

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