Hillary Clinton and the Theatre of Stupid

… Or Hillary Clinton for President! Because Rednecks, That’s Why…

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton finally officially announced that she’s running for Pres-o-dent of the Amrika. I’m sure Fox News freaked out and MSNBC spun and spun and spun. I was pleasantly surprised that my Facebook feed didn’t blow up too much; perhaps because it’s still pretty early in the madness election cycle.

There were a few pretty predictable responses. Some folks excited and others already complaining that they (Republicans) would be tarred and feathered for being sexist or misogynist because they oppose her candidacy. I love seeing these sort of “[s]he hate me” laments on both sides.

It’s the culture wars, people! Republican accuse Democrats of being lilly-livered godless communists who hate America. Democrats accuse Republicans of being sexist or racist or homophobic. And if you actually believe all this political palabra, whether you’re slinging it or receiving it, then you’re falling into the trap of being distracted by the parties.

I’m not totally above the fray. It’s slightly annoying to me to see Republican drape themselves in the flag, as if you’re not patriotic if you’re not an NRA member. But since President Obama’s first election, I’ve started to grow less attached to party affiliation and just enjoy the rich and varied milieu of faux-rage that partisans spout at each other.

Here’s a great response I saw on Facebook:

“HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT!!!! Yep I’m voting for her. I don’t care what plans she has. I just wanna see 4 more years of pissed off rednecks.”

And that is bloody brilliant. I hope Republicans enjoyed the 8 years of Democrats freaking out over President George W Bush’s presidency. I sure have enjoyed 8 years of Republicans freaking out over President Barack Obama’s presidency. Ever has it been that people think that the country is about to fall to ruin.

Quo Vadis, Nero burning Rome
Quo Vadis, Nero burning Rome

From Chris Rock’s 1999 comedy special, Bigger & Blacker:

No, you watch the TV, watch 60 Minutes. You see white people pissed off, man.
Man, the white man thinks he’s losing the country.
You watch the news: ‘We’re losing everything. We’re fucking losing. Affirmative action, and illegal aliens… and we’re fucking losing the country.’
Losing? Shut the fuck up. White people ain’t losing shit.
If y’all losing, who’s winning?
It ain’t us.

July 1999! We hadn’t even finished freaking out over Y2K yet. Remember, Y2K? That was a thing, right? Someone get me a fiddle, says Nero. All this has happened before and all this will happen again.

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  • Simi Hoque

    You forgot to close the quotation marks around Chris Rock’s quote.

  • That’s the way the blockquote functionality works. One big quote at the front to symbolize an indent.