Let’s Move Palestine Out of Palestine because… GOD

Mike Huckabee is a fruit cake but at least he’s an honest one. Speaking to Arutz Sheva TV on Sunday, Huckabee called for the forced relocation of an entire people. Because GOD.

Huckabee cited there being “plenty of land in the world” to find a place for a Palestinian state outside of Israel.

“If there’s a two-state solution, the Palestinians state needs to be outside the boundaries of the nation of Israel. There’s plenty of land in the world where we can find a place and say, ‘Okay, let’s create a Palestinian state.’ But not within the confides of a secure Israel.”

Speaking at the event, Huckabee said “we never can accept the notion that Israel will be divided,” citing the boundaries of Israel being given “not by the United Nations but by almighty God.” [Buzzfeed].

Well, at least he’s not pussy-footing around the issue. One can’t even be too surprised though because as Daniel Larison concludes:

[This] would normally be the sort of thing that would doom a person’s political career, but in this case it probably helps Huckabee with his target audience and mostly elicits a shrug from the press.

Free Palestine by marraz-dezagun on DeviantArt
Free Palestine by marraz-dezagun on DeviantArt

There is a middle path. We all know it. The Palestinians know it. The Israelis know it. The Americans and the French and the British and the Iranians and the Syrians and Russians and everyone on the damn planet knows it.

Two states, side-by-side. A Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem. No right of return. Pre-1967 boundaries with limited land-swaps to allow for some settlements to remain under Israeli control. Full recognition of both states by the United Nations. Blah blah blah.

None of this has happened before. And none of it will come to pass. The status quo allows the elites to keep their masses agitated and distracted.  The Saudis and the Palestinian elites keep their ‘street’ up in arms over the evil Jews. The Israelis and their servile American allies bemoan the undemocratic and uncivilized A-rabs.

The worst thing that could happen to the governing elites of either Palestine or Israel would be a lasting peace. Because then they would actually be forced to govern. Can you imagine Fatah or Hamas having to set real economic policy? Monetary policy? Appointing diplomats to the UN and staffing embassies? Don’t make me laugh. On the Israeli side, the task would be less onerous because they have had actual economic growth in the past. But the stratification of Israeli society between the haredim and reform would be brought into sharper focus.

However cruel Huckabee’s policy, it’s not as cruel as what would happen if it actually came to pass because even a forced relocation would somehow be shot down. There is no corner of the settled world that would take in the Palestinians. If  their cultural brethren in the Middle East won’t make space for them, as evidenced by the ‘permanent’ refugee camps, there is no way anywhere else would take them in. Nowhere. Tossed out of their current lands, the Palestinians would become another set of Rohingya. But probably less sympathetic.

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