Political Correctness and the Death of Civility

I am often struck by how Republicans, ie conservatives, are usually the ones who decry political correctness.  I’ve said before that there is a line between crassness and the right to speak one’s mind.  I do enjoy a little crass humor, myself, but not to the extent that I would condone prejudicial speech coming from the mouths of white boys.

And therein lies the rub.

I think some of this backlash against political correctness stems from the majority’s exasperation that black people and other minorities in the US get to make fun of the majority now.  It’s considered ok for black comedians to make fun of white folk till the cows come home. In fact, I bet more white folk watch BET’s Comicview than black folk.  Black comedians also make fun of black people but white comedians very rarely make fun of black folk.  They make fun of white folk just as much the blacks.

Ain’t it just too bad that the former ‘help’ finally feel comfortable enough to bite back in this country without say, getting lynched.

But what really gets to me about the conservative backlash against political correctness is that it is conservatives who lament the breakdown of traditional values and the American family and blah blah blah.

I wonder if it has ever occurred to conservatives that the lack of civility engendered by their most UN-politically correct ideologues is a contributing (though not majority) factor in the supposed breakdown of mores in this country.  When such coarse speech is not just condoned by encouraged, we all lose a measure of our civility.

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